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High-precise ADC
THD+N 0.00007%

E1DA Co. Ltd. Shenzhen


Only authentic audio stuff designed inherently practically with careful feedback from the DIY society. No marketing BS, no greedy-brand pricing, no chi-fi copy-paste designs, and never boring.

E1DA #9038SG3

And finally, precision meets compactness

.357 Magnum bullet weight USB dongle 32/384 DSD256 DAC+Amp >550mW@16ohm


48x22x9mm  CT7601->ESS9038Q2M->AD8397 


sandblasted anodized aluminum


2nd harmonic tube emulation

Easy setup

doesn't need a driver  for Mac/iOS/Android/Linux

Rigid Construction

gold-plated USB-C and 2.5mm jack

True Precise Audio

SNR <-122db(A) THD .0001%@32ohm -3dbfs

Multiple parameters controllable by Android Tweak app (the option is paid)


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