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How we started


Actually, we are the family. It's me, Ivan Khlyupin, Russian engineer lives in China for 14 years, I'm a freelance designer in SMPS/Class D/DSP/Embedded. My older son Tyoma is iOS/Android/etc coder. Similar to you I bought a big planar headphone to get a new sound quality level, however, I didn't find anything good enough to drive that headphone in the price range $100-200. Well, I made what I need by myself, I'm sure you know how easy to order production in China And now we offer the first PowerDAC USB interface on the market, with DSP onboard, which controlled by a smartphone from your pocket. Just abbout $50, simply no redundant greedy brand and distributors between you and us, even that web site is free. Probably your balanced cable has the same cost, huh?

Why E1DA?


E1DA pronounced as E1-DAh.

It is very simple, my name is Ivan, in Russian pronounced as "E1", "Dah" means "yes".


Idea: Is it possible to design a USB Fully Digital Amplifier(FDA or Power DAC) for headphones same like crazy expensive legendary FDAs with speaker outputs as Lyngdorf, Wadia etc?


Idea: Is it possible to design a USB DAC + HPA in a dongle form factor with compromise-less performance when newest APx555 needed to measure its specs?


Idea: Is that fantastic if 2ch FDA/Power DAC >100W per channel in the housing size 6x4x1.4", including AC power supply, USB 24/192, SPDIF, BT stream, and analog inputs, SPDIF output, and DSP with iOS/Android control to implement Bi/Tri-amping?

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