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That's the most challenging model with an impressive list of breakthrough features. ..Stop, I've promised: no any marketing BS over here ))

 Ok, I've noticed last years getting popular the small footprint class D amps with external power supply and 1.5m thin cable between. I was surprised at how that absurd idea comes true because technically it is obviously stupid, many of us remember audio magazines/ DIY forums discussions about the role of accurate and solid rail power supply in the audio amplification. So, today $4 power brick for LED purpose with 1.5m of noodles-cable is ok to power HiFi? No way, my little friends, hands off from audio! that's why I decided to design a compromise-less power supply and Fully Digital Amplifier(FDA or Power DAC) in the same tiny housing with a lot of inputs formates, and DSP controllable by iOS/Android app for extensive Bi/Tri-Amping crossover filtering/phase alignment. 125Wx2ch 154x108x36mm In fact, you can hold it on your palm. To turn it on need just touch the bevel on the front panel, to change volume slide your finger left or right. The preliminary release date is undefined yet. 


Status:                            proto

Retail cost:                     TBD($150)

Materials:                       sandblasted/anodized aluminum


Dimensions:                  154x108x36mm +3mm legs-pads

Weight:                           TBD

Power:                             230VAC/110VAC regulated LLC SMPS with the custom controller

                                          11000uF on the 33VDC rail

Inputs:                             USB, PCM up to 24b/192kHz, SPDIF optical or analog from

                                          the same  3.5mm jack, Bluetooth APTX stream

Outputs:                          banana jacks, SPDIF 3.5mm jack for coworking with multiple

                                          HiFiTOY's Bi/Tri-amping

Output impedance:       TBD

Output power:               125W@4Ohm@1kHz@THD=1% and -.5db for 20Hz

Output power:               70W@8Ohm@1kHz@THD=1% and -.5db for 20Hz

Frequency response:    10-45kHz +.5/-.5db@ 24b/192kHz

S/N ratio:                       -107db(A) referenced to 23VRMS @4ohm THD+N = 1% @


DR AES17                     105db unweighted(TBD)

Crosstalk:                     -100db@1kHz(TBD)

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